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Today AM Global Links operates in a world where less than 10% of the world’s population can afford to purchase our products or services.  If we look ahead to the next decade, many of the markets, customers, ideas, partners, and employees will come from the other 90%.

Until recently, the mantra of development agencies, government bodies and corporations has been 'bring in the technology and the development divide will automatically close'.  Second, they very seldom worked together to develop and deliver the solutions to the communities.  AM Global Links believes the key to entering these markets lies in understanding the existing community ecologies, and then creating solutions and opportunities that harmonize with them.

Through our philanthropic efforts worldwide and by investing in sustainable development in developing countries, AM Global Links is inventing products and building businesses that we may never have imagined otherwise; we are empowering citizens and educating future employees as well as cultivating relationships with new customers, clients and partners where the returns are real and significant.

AM Global Links is well positioned to lead all other companies in serving these markets.


AM Global Links' values will shape the company’s history and will continue to define what we aspire to achieve in the future. Knowing that it’s more about what we do, rather than what we say, and realizing that these values are largely aspirational. Passion for customers, clients, trust and respect, teamwork, speed and agility, will be the areas of primary focus during any business dealings. We put the customers and clients first in everything we do and in every decision, we make.