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Our core services to corporations include credible market access, political risk management and transactional negotiation. AM Global Links services to governments include representation and advisory services for privatization and business partnerships for economic development. Because AM Global Links serves dual spheres of interest, we are given unique insights into strategies that will have a positive and enduring impact. 

Through AM Global Links, pivotal knowledge is placed at the disposal of clients and customers. Our experts have a comprehensive grasp of the business landscapes throughout Eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Additionally, we maintain strong relationships with major decision-makers in the regions' key emerging markets. AM Global Links' goal is to turn business opportunities into business realities that are tangible, significant and profitable - all within a framework of the highest integrity. 

AM Global Links' services play a strategic role in boosting business development in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. In servicing clients and customers, we embrace the values of integrity, fairness, intellectual honesty, teamwork and continuous learning as indispensable to achieving long-term success.

Political and cultural challenges in the developing world can undermine a corporation's performance and discourage its action. Relying on an extensive intelligence network, AM Global Links helps companies minimize the impact of political risk on overseas operations.

Keen knowledge of specific economies give corporations a strategic road map for charting effective entries into Eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

Based on our knowledge of the business landscapes and political realities in key emerging markets, we can advise on the optimum deal structure for a particular location.Thank you for visiting our new Internet site.